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Downtown Los Angeles Restaurants

Looking For top Downtown Los Angeles Restaurants? Here is a list and review of the best restaurants in Los Angeles Downtown area according to cuisine. Los Angeles dining has become an adventure in itself as LA's Downtown claims some of the Los Angeles finest and best restaurants and dining establishments in Southern California. There is an Asian influence in much of the cooking of the downtown Los Angeles restaurants, thanks to the wave of Asian immigration. Los Angeles invented and created the California cuisine, which has changed American dining to a lighter and healther style and eating.

The Windows Restaurant
1150 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)746-1554. This downtown Los Angeles restaurant is located on the 32nd floor of a high rise building in the Trans America Center. If you like good food and a spectacular city view, this is a good choice for a Los Angeles dining restaurant.

The Blue Velvet Restaurant
750 S. Garland Avenue, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)239-0061. The Blue Velvet serves innovative contemporary American cuisine. Lunches are very tasty but simple, dinners are more fanciful. The kitchen is open late and the restaurant caters to the young upscale crowd. Parking is available. Lunch: Mon - Fri. Dinner: Mon - Sat. Moderately priced menu items.

J Lounge Restaurant And Bar

1119 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)746-7746. The J Lounge is a huge 25,000 square foot restaurant and bar with live entertainment, a cigar humidor, and a great patio for outdoor dining. This is one of the downtown Los Angeles Restaurants that attracts the hip and young film and media people. it's a people watching place as well as a restaurant.

Checkers Restaurant
535 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)624-0000. Checkers serves refined California cuisine with Asian, Italian and French accents. Located inside the Hilton Checkers hotel it has clubby ambiance with warm colors, fine fabrics, comfy seating and soft Jazz music playing in the background.

Cafe Pinot Restaurant
700 W.5th Street, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)239-6500. Cafe Pinot features fish market specials, filet mignon, rotisserie chicken and Colorado lamb. They also have great and well choosen winelist.

Nick And Stef's Steakhouse Restaurant
330 S. Hope Street, Los Angeles. Phone: (213)680-0330. This is a classic American steakhouse. You can dine in their woodsy dining room or on the outside terrace.