The Hollywood Museum

The Hollywood Museum is located in the Max Factor Building, which is famous all over the world thanks to Max Factor, the person, who was skillful in make-up for movies and could really make wonders. His work in the world of movies started in 1935.  The designers of the museum decided to reproduce the atmosphere of the past as they created the design of the museum and completely restored the lobby with its chic interior that the Max Factor building had at that time.

The design is performed in art deco style with the basic coloring of white and rose marble decoration. Such items as chandeliers in the old style, antique furnishings and furniture of that period emphasize the spirit of the past and contribute to the design of the museum. Pastel hues are dominating there and the initial grandeur of the place is again at our disposal. The museum is very big and has several floors. Examine the place beginning with the ground floor. There you will see the same displays that were in Max Factor Studio. Faux gold and silver decorations make the place look chic.

All in all there are 4 floors full of diverse exhibits that can be of interest to museum visitors. Its area is spacious enough – about 35,000 sq. feet. Comparing the museum with the Max Factor Building it is 7 times bigger. It is also 4 times bigger than Ripley’s Museum, located not far away and 5 times bigger than the 7,000 sq. feet Warner Bros Museum. Now you can see that its size can’t be compared with other huge museums!

You can study the exhibits in the museum on your own so visitors spend long hours there looking at the exhibits of the place. You can find Rolls Royce of Cary Grant, a great number of pictures, make up rooms and etc.

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