Japanese Restaurants Los Angeles

Geisha House Japanese Restaurant

The Geisha House restaurant’s movie set the look and the Kimono dressed Geishas roaming the floor is bound to distract you and delight you. Even the waitresses look delicious.

The Geisha House serves wonderful shareable dishes from Sushi, Hand Rolls, and Robata Yaki to the delicious miso marinated Black Cod, the house specialty.

The restaurant is perfumed with incense and your senses are likely to explode as you enter this fantasy eatery. Fabulous food and a killer atmosphere are what the Geisha House is all about. Not a bad combination. Dinner daily.

Ita Cho Japanese Restaurant

It’s not easy to find a good inexpensive lunch or dinner in this area of Los Angeles restaurants, but Ita Cho can give you both. Simple and well prepared delicious dishes such as Steamed Shu-Mai filled with Sweet Shrimp and served soy hot mustard sauce.

Their Sushi and Sashimi dishes are fresh and beautifully presented. I love their steamed White Fish on a bed of wilted Chrysanthemum leaves. Mon – Fri, lunch, and dinner. Saturday dinner only.

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