Los Angeles Jewelry District

This is one of the largest jewelry shopping areas you’ll find. Store after store, shockfull of sparkling gems of alll kinds. This is the place to get real bargains on fine jewelry. It’s located between 5th, 8th, broadway and Olive Streets.

According to the Los Angeles Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau, it is the largest jewelry district in the United States. The annual reported sales from the Jewelry District is just under $3 billion. It comprises close to 5,000 businesses, with vendors on Hill Street, Olive Street, and Broadway between 5th and 8th Streets. Shoppers can find designer jewelry, precious stones, and gold and silver items at street level as well as in some of the jewelers found in the Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, Pacific Center, the California Jewelry Mart, and the International Jewelry Center also known as the “550” building.

The LA Jewelry District can be accessed by public transportation through the Red Line to Pershing Square station. The district is southeast of the square.

In recent years, the businesses in Los Angeles Jewelry District have increased their presence on the Internet

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