Buses in Los Angeles

The extensive bus system operated by LACMTA includes the Metro Local, Metro Rapid, and Metro Express services. Local buses tend to be orange, while rapid and express buses are red. Rapid bus route numbers usually begin with a 7 and express bus numbers begin with a 9.

The buses have an estimated 1.3 million boardings on the weekdays. Including other municipal bus operators, Los Angeles County averages 1.7 million bus boardings per weekday,[33] accounting for approximately 5.9% of the 29 million daily trips originating in Los Angeles County.

LACMTA has two bus rapid transit lines: the Orange Line and the Silver Line. The Orange Line runs from Warner Center/Woodland Hills to the North Hollywood Red Line station, began operations on October 29, 2005. For 13 of its 14-mile (23 km) stretch (21 km of its 22.5 km stretch), the 60-foot (18 m) articulated buses, built by North American Bus Industries and dubbed Metro Liners, operate on bus-only lanes that follow an old railroad right-of-way. Portions of the route parallel Chandler and Victory Boulevards, and Oxnard Street.

The new silver line travels 26 miles between El Monte Station in El Monte and the Artesia Transit Center near Carson.

Foothill Transit also operates a bus rapid transit system called the Silver Streak, which runs from Montclair to Downtown Los Angeles along the El Monte Busway on Interstate 10.

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