Freeways in Los Angeles

There are a dozen major freeways that crisscross the region. California’s first freeway was the 110 Freeway, also known as the Pasadena Freeway or the Arroyo Seco Parkway. It opened on January 1, 1940 and links downtown Los Angeles to downtown Pasadena.

From Chavez Ravine north to Pasadena can be quite dangerous because there is no shoulder, the lanes are narrow, the turns are sharp (and not always properly banked), and the ramps are quite short and offer little room for acceleration to freeway speed; all of this is because the freeway was designed for much slower cars of a different era and much less traffic volume than exists today.[original research? Commercial vehicles over 6,000 pounds are prohibited from using this freeway. More recent freeways are straighter, wider, and allow for higher speeds.

Major freeways of Los Angeles include:

  • California 2.svg Glendale Freeway
  • I-5 (CA).svg US 101 (CA).svg Santa Ana Freeway
  • I-5 (CA).svg Golden State Freeway
  • I-10 (CA).svg Santa Monica Freeway/San Bernardino Freeway
  • California 14.svg Antelope Valley Freeway
  • California 47.svg I-710 (CA).svg Seaside Freeway
  • California 60.svg Pomona Freeway
  • California 90.svg Marina Freeway
  • California 91.svg Gardena Freeway
  • US 101 (CA).svg California 170.svg Hollywood Freeway
  • US 101 (CA).svg California 134.svg Ventura Freeway
  • California 103.svg Terminal Island Freeway
  • I-105 (CA).svg Glenn M. Anderson Freeway/Century Freeway
  • I-110 (CA).svg California 110.svg Harbor Freeway
  • California 110.svg Pasadena Freeway
  • California 118.svg Ronald Reagan Freeway
  • I-210 (CA).svg Foothill Freeway
  • I-405 (CA).svg San Diego Freeway
  • I-710 (CA).svg Long Beach Freeway

Major highways of Los Angeles include:

  • California 1.svg Pacific Coast Highway/Lincoln Boulevard
  • California 2.svg Santa Monica Boulevard
  • California 23.svg Decker Canyon Road
  • California 27.svg Topanga Canyon Boulevard
  • California 47.svg Alameda Street
  • California 90.svg Slauson Avenue
  • California 170.svg Highland Avenue
  • California 187.svg Venice Boulevard

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